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Last changed in 04/01/2023

According to the legislation in force, it is mandatory to export an audit SAF-T (PT) whenever required by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Inspection.

If the company has contracts with the Public Administration, it is mandatory to use the CIUS-PT format to communicate documents in a structured way.

Export Documents in CIUS-PT Format

The Electronic Invoicing has installed a new paradigm in the way of communicating documents not only because of the legal obligation associated with public contracts, but also to facilitate sending and processing and reduce the costs inherent in this process. To comply with this legislation, it is possible to export invoices or notes in CIUS-PT format.

The CIUS-PT is an XML file that allows documents to be communicated in a structured way and should be compulsorily used by companies that have contracts with the Public Administration as of:

  • January 1st, 2021 for large companies;
  • January 1st, 2023 for micro, small, and medium-sized companies, as well as for public entities as co-contracting entities.

Please note that invoices in PDF format will only be admitted until January 1st, 2024. Invoices communicated in CIUS-PT format will also be submitted in the monthly SAF-T file.

Export Documents

To export the file for invoices or notes, simply select the invoice or note on the corresponding list, click the button “” and on the option CIUS-PT. The XML file is generated automatically.

The file name is made of the company name, the document name, the year and the document number. In case of error, this information will also be specified in the name. For example:

  • File generated successfully: Invoicing_FA.2022.1
  • File generated with errorsERROR_Invoicing_FA.2022.1

If you create an unit for an item, you must fill in the field UnecerEc20 Code according to the official table for the XML file to be generated correctly. This information is already filled in in all units already made available.

Validate Files

If you have questions, to confirm the exported files you can also use the validator made available by the Portal da Fatura Eletrónica in public Administration.

To use it, simply load the exported file, select the document type (invoice or note), and click Validate.

Export Audit SAF-T (PT)

To perform audits, it is possible to export an audit SAF-T. This file must be sent whenever required by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Inspection services.

To export an audit SAF-T (PT), follow these steps:

  • Go to Taxes | SAF-T Files (PT);
  • Click Create;
  • Select the Audit option in the Purpose field;
  • Indicate the range of Dates to filter the documents;
  • Click Save;
  • Finally, click on the Export link.
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